Friday, December 2, 2011

Doggie Bag Days Season 3: Days 92-93

Lately, I've been making my business to go in early enough to take care of things that I could not the minute that it's time to open, such as checking the situation with the change and getting some if needed, steaming some clothing that has turned out to be wrinkled, etc.

On Monday, when it was still early enough in the morning, I was able to run the steamer on some clothes that I was unable to on Friday due to timing. However, there were two shirts that I was unable to get to before time to open up and man the front of the store. I think that day, during the slower periods, I put out some Christmas stuff, did some straightening, and transferred some clothing from the back room to the middle room. If I remember correctly, I think business-wise, things were slow in the first half of the day but picked up in the afternoon.

On Wednesday, I steamed the couple of shirts that I had been unable to on Monday and transferred some clothing from the back room to the middle room. My strategy for that day was to basically tag as much of the clothing on the pricing rack as possible and go from there. It would've been either before or after tagging that I had put priced clothing out. I ended up setting aside one skirt to be steamed today. I'll either do that before time to open or when our afternoon cashier comes in. After I finished tagging the clothes, I pretty much focused on straighening things up as, again, time would allow. The manager was in just in time to close up shop and took care of balancing the register for the day. (It was one of our slower days as far as business was concerned, but I was able to get quite a bit done, I think.)

Unless there turns out to be a bigger priority at hand, I think my plan for today is going to be steam the aforementioned skirt whenever I'm in a position to, and from there, put out whatever clothing has been priced if it hasn't been done already by anyone on duty yesterday and when the afternoon cashier comes in, transfer more clothing from the back to the front and tag that if time allows.