Thursday, January 5, 2012

Doggie Bag Updates

I know I've fallen WAY behind on these lately. I don't know why although there were a couple of days when, after my shift was up, I'd go and see my fiance.

Anyway, in the past month we had been selling Christmas items. (Even though Christmas is already over, that hasn't stopped people from donating items pertaining to Christmas.) As it stands right now, they're half off. Our adult pants are currently buy one get one free. And also, a person can get up to five toys for free if they buy something else.

Some days have been busier than others. There were days like the day after Christmas where we'd get off to a slow start in the morning, but then business would pick up in the afternoon. The day after New Year's was one of our slower days. Yesterday, however, was SO busy. Not only did I have a lot of sales to ring up, but we got TONS of donations on that day. I was able to get some of them marked and put in their rightful places, but I ran out of time before I was able to get to all of them. Hopefully, someone else has been able to pick up where I left off. I think barring anything unforseen, my goals for Friday will be to get some clothing put out (and maybe in the afternoon when someone else takes over on the register, transfer some from the back and tag it) and straighten things up throughout the day as time allows.

We did have a Christmas display in the window for a while, but it was taken down on Monday and Tuesday. (I was able to take most of it down per the manager's request on Monday but ran out of time before I was able to get everything. All I had left was some lights on the lattice work, lights and a star on the tree, and the tree itself. Presumably that was taken care of on Tuesday.) Now, it consists mainly of some eye-catching clothes. (Yesterday, a customer asked me to check the sizes of a couple of skirts in the window that caught her attention, but it turned out that neither one was the size she was looking for.)

I may be doing these updates less often than I have in the past, especially if it's been a long, tiring day. (And besides, I have other things to deal with at this time.) But I'll be sure to get to them when I get the chance.