Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hometown Got Hit Last Night...Sort of

There was a storm in my hometown last night, complete with a temporary power outage and a tornado warning. We didn't get hit by a tornado, but part of the town got hit by the storm. The north end of town, where I'm still living with my mom and stepdad, including the houses, got off easy compared to the south end, closer to where my fiance lives.
For instance, sometime after the tornado warning had come and gone, my fiance called me and told me that building he had been living in had been damaged and part of the roof was gone which could've potentially posed a problem for some plans we had for the weekend. (When he had called, I initially thought that perhaps part of the building was mangled, but the damage was more along the lines of cracked walls, sunken in ceilings, etc.) It also turned out that some businesses were damaged or at least still didn't have power. (The latter included the office where my mom works.)

Today was one of the days when I'd normally be doing my volunteer work at the Doggie Bag (which as far as I knew before heading out was still standing and had its power) from ten to four (store hours), but per my fiance's request this morning, I instead met up with him at his cousin's place (where he was staying for the time being from my understanding). Before heading over though, I did make sure that only other person that would be on duty today and authorized to open would be in a position to do so today. She said she was and if anything had gone over there earlier to make sure the store still had its power, which it did.

After I met up with my fiance, he and I talked for a little bit. Then he and I walked over to the compound where he has been living. We got to the leasing office, and he was able to get an apartment in one of the non-damaged buildings. After that, we went and got some lunch and then moved a few things (mostly clothes and food items) from the apartment he had been living in to the new one. (And as it turned out, he was not the only one moving either.) After he decided to hold off on the rest until later and rest in the new place, I went and got a few things from the old apartment and brought them over. I ended up having more time to spare that day than I thought, so after I had said goodbye to him, I headed over to the Doggie Bag to help out for two and a half hours before closing time. It was mostly clothing that was being dealt with today. I may or may not make it over there on Friday which is another one of my regular days, depending on how far along my fiance is on the move and whatever else comes up.

I'm going to see him again tomorrow. Hopefully, he will get more stuff moved and be less stressed about the situation (which, understandably, he had been today).

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Got the Manuscript Typed Up

Yesterday I mentioned that I was in the process of transferring a handwritten copy of what my fiance had of a book he had started a couple of years ago to computer. I had hoped to get it done last night, but it got late and I got tired when I was working on it.
Well, I continued with it this morning and now I'm finally finsihed. The next steps will be to edit it to the best of my ability, possibly print it out, and give him feedback on where the story should go from where it has stopped so far.

I've got a little under two and a half hours or somewhere thereabouts before he comes over. I think in a little bit, I'm going to have a little lunch, do some things around the house and go from there.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Where I'm at on Life's Journey

I know I've been further behind on my blogging than ever before. While I wouldn't say this is the only reason, part of it has to do with the amount of time I've been spending with my fiance. (And no, we have not set a date yet.) Not only am I spending more time with him just in general, but he and I are co-authoring a novel together to go with a video game that he and some friends of his are in the process of developing. Barring unforseen circumstances, we'll be having meetings every week to discuss the novel. (By "we" I mean me, my fiance, and his friends, including a cousin of his that lives in town.)

I'm still volunteering at the Doggie Bag. We have a bit more help now than we have had for a while (including increased availability of two of the regular staff members) plus the donations have slowed down a bit so our back room actually looks pretty good. Also the manager's new intern (who joined us either earlier this month or sometime last month if I recall correctly) has gotten the window display set up for St. Patrick's Day, which features mostly green items. As far as stuff on sale is concerned, the way it stands right now, coats are 1/2 off and men's shirts are buy one get one free.

When I hop off here, I'm going to finish typing up the handwritten version of a book (or what exists of it so far) that my fiance had started a long time ago when he was still in the military and recovering from an injury. We had started doing that sometime in January (his idea at the time) but put that aside for a while. I'm going to see about finishing it up so that it's done by the time I go over to his place tomorrow so that it will be one less thing to worry about.

That's where I'm at for now. I'll try to resume writing here regularly.