Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Today at the Doggie Bag

Initially, the manager's intern and I made it our business to get as much clothing moved out of the back room, tagged, priced and put out as possible up until shortly after the manager got in, but per the manager's request we backed off on that due in part to the racks filling up.
So, for the rest of the day, I focused more on getting non-clothing items moved up from the back room to the front. There were a few tuppaware pieces to be washed and electrical appliances to be tested.

A couple of interesting things that came in today were a green electric can opener and a green toaster. (There was another toaster that was donated today; it was a regular metallic one.) I tested them and they both worked. One of my colleagues was interested in the toaster so from my understanding, that is being reserved for her to pay for and pick up at a later date.

It's my understanding that, sometime on Friday, we'll be getting a piano donated. I look forward to whatever else Friday brings.

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