Friday, March 23, 2012

Today at the Doggie Bag

Normally on Fridays, I'm the cashier on duty for the first half of the day and then someone else takes over and for the remainder of my shift, I'm in and out of the stockroom. However, our afternoon cashier had another commitment so I was the one in charge of the register for the full day.

There were some clothes that had been priced and ready to put out, so I started off with that. I was able to tag a few clothes during some of the slower moments as well. (However, as business picked up further in the day, I was needed on the register more, and someone else that came in later in the day took over on the tagging.)

We did get some clothing donations throughout the day. And at some point, someone donated a lot of audiobooks (as well as a few regular books). I was able to get those priced and put out.

The manager made it in during the afternoon and brought her dog (a big white one) with her once again. It turns out that the dog likes to lay in the display window, so she did that off and on (including "supervising" me when I was trying to clean the window). The dog also walked up to a couple of customers to get their attention.  (She's a very friendly dog.)

The next day I go in is Monday. I'm hoping I'll get a lot accomplished then since I'm not going to be available to them for the remainder of the week on account of my surgery on the Tuesday which I'll be recovering from for the remainder of the week.

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