Thursday, March 29, 2012

Recovering from Surgery This Week

This Tuesday, I had what's called a sebaceous cyst removed from above my left kidney (a minor outpatient-type procedure). It ended up having to come out in pieces (which my fiance, the only other person around at the time, said looked like white hamburger), but it didn't really hurt until the doctor got to the core part of it. After it was all out, the doctor stitched me up and prescribed some pain medicine.

Since Tuesday night, I've been taking it easy at my fiance's apartment (where I've been staying part-time). As I was nervous about the stitches coming out from any bending over that I did I had opted to take both yesterday and tomorrow off from the Doggie Bag. I slept in later than normal yesterday and today (like shortly before 11:30 am yesterday and just barely before 11 today), but given the circumstances, I didn't really feel so bad about it.

I didn't really know what to expect as far as my energy levels or anything like that were concerned, but I think it was mostly Tuesday evening and maybe part of Wednesday when I was out of it. But today, I was able to do a few things like make coffee in the morning, catch up on the dishes, make some tea in the afternoon and chat with an old friend on Facebook.

Overall, I think the recovery is going over okay. Hopefully, it will continue to go well the rest of this week.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Today at the Doggie Bag

Normally on Fridays, I'm the cashier on duty for the first half of the day and then someone else takes over and for the remainder of my shift, I'm in and out of the stockroom. However, our afternoon cashier had another commitment so I was the one in charge of the register for the full day.

There were some clothes that had been priced and ready to put out, so I started off with that. I was able to tag a few clothes during some of the slower moments as well. (However, as business picked up further in the day, I was needed on the register more, and someone else that came in later in the day took over on the tagging.)

We did get some clothing donations throughout the day. And at some point, someone donated a lot of audiobooks (as well as a few regular books). I was able to get those priced and put out.

The manager made it in during the afternoon and brought her dog (a big white one) with her once again. It turns out that the dog likes to lay in the display window, so she did that off and on (including "supervising" me when I was trying to clean the window). The dog also walked up to a couple of customers to get their attention.  (She's a very friendly dog.)

The next day I go in is Monday. I'm hoping I'll get a lot accomplished then since I'm not going to be available to them for the remainder of the week on account of my surgery on the Tuesday which I'll be recovering from for the remainder of the week.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Today at the Doggie Bag

Initially, the manager's intern and I made it our business to get as much clothing moved out of the back room, tagged, priced and put out as possible up until shortly after the manager got in, but per the manager's request we backed off on that due in part to the racks filling up.
So, for the rest of the day, I focused more on getting non-clothing items moved up from the back room to the front. There were a few tuppaware pieces to be washed and electrical appliances to be tested.

A couple of interesting things that came in today were a green electric can opener and a green toaster. (There was another toaster that was donated today; it was a regular metallic one.) I tested them and they both worked. One of my colleagues was interested in the toaster so from my understanding, that is being reserved for her to pay for and pick up at a later date.

It's my understanding that, sometime on Friday, we'll be getting a piano donated. I look forward to whatever else Friday brings.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Got a Lot of Clothes Out Yesterday

Yesterday at the Doggie Bag, the big priority was to get as much clothing that is appropriate to sell at this time  (like no shorts or tank tops as of yet) as possible transferred from the back room, tagged, priced, and put out. There were also some clothes that had to be weeded out due to their condition or some other reason, but between me, the manager, and three other people on duty, we were able to get quite a dent in the pile. (I know we at least got most if not all of the jeans that were awaiting us moved out of the back.) I'm thinking that, barring anything else that comes up, the clothes will still be my main focus tomorrow.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Having Surgery Later This Month

Since somtime this summer, I've developed a lump in my lower back. As far I can recall, nothing tragic triggered it. It just occured one day and slowly got bigger. However, for reasons I'm not going to go into here, it wasn't until earlier this week when I was able to have it looked at.
It turned out to be something called a sebaceous cyst. More can be read about that kind of cyst here. It's not overly serious at this point, but it's one of those things where the sooner it can be dealt with, the better.

I was able to secure an appointment for the last Tuesday of this month (barring anything unforseen of course) to have it removed. As far as I know, it'll be a minor outpatient kind of surgery. I've never had any kind of surgery before so I wouldn't know anything about recovery, but I'm guessing after it's done I'll be taking it easy for a day or two and avoiding heavy lifting.

I'll let you all know if the date of the surgery changes and how the recovery process goes when the time comes.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Finished the Move Yesterday

Thursday and yesterday, I helped my fiance move from the apartment he had been living in that had been storm-damaged Tuesday night to the one he was able to obtain on Wednesday. We got done sometime between three and four in the afternoon if I recall correctly. (That's not bad given the fact that 1) he had until five pm to get the old place cleaned out and 2) it was just the two of us yesterday.)  The only thing that was not salvagable was a bookcase that was water-damaged and as a result fell apart while being transported. There are a few boxes and what-not to get unpacked, but the most important stuff (such as the food, the furniture, and the appliances) are in place.

That's what I've been up to lately. Hopefully, nothing drastic will happen in the coming week.