Friday, November 25, 2011

Doggie Bag Days Season 3: Day 92

Today was my second Black Friday on the working end. But since there was generally someone else to cover the register, I took care of some other things throughout the store.

I had come in early in order to take care of a few things, one of which was to check the situation with the change. The manager and a few colleagues came in when I was doing that. I went to the bank, which was only a block away to get some change.

When I returned, I hung up and tagged some clothes that had recently come in. Eventually, the manager priced them, and I put them out. Today, the manager opted to have a buy one get one free sale on clothes, but I don't know if it was only for today or not.

The other things I did today were put out some books and some video tapes, help get a Christmas tree set up, put out some Christmas decorations, sweep the entryway outside (since there were leaves on it), and transferred some clothes from the back room to the middle room and tagged those, setting aside a few that appeared to need steamed. I ran out of time before I got to that part today, but that can be one of the things I do on Monday before time to open.

Yesterday, my fiance had said he'd maybe stop the store for a bit today. He showed up within the last half hour of my shift and was there for the remainder of it.

That's been my day today. I think my goals for Monday will be to steam up clothes that need to be steamed,put out some books (if shelf space allows) and straighten things up throughout the store.  

Doggie Bag Days Season 3: Days 89-91

I think on Friday I pretty much ran the register until someone else was in to take over on that. One of the things I did was transfer some clothing from the back room to the front. However, I ran out of time before I was able to get it tagged.

On Monday, we had more clothing to put out so I tagged some of that. I think business wise, that day had started out slow but then things picked up in the afternoon.

On Wednesday, I put out clothing and Christmas cards. We've also started a display of trinkets for a quarter. There were some that were already a quarter and some that got marked down to that so that they could be moved out. We also got more Christmas stuff out.

In a little while I will be heading out for my second Black Friday on the working end of it. Last year, I was mostly in and out of the back room throughout the day, but I might be on the register at some point today. If that's the case, then I'll be more of a witness as to how things go business wise.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Doggie Bag Days Season 3: Day 88

I went in a bit early today in order to take care of some things that I otherwise would not have been able to, such as vacuuming the carpet in the front part of the store.

When I wasn't busy on the register, I tagged some clothes. When I finished doing that, I mostly tried to straighten things up throughout the store. Because the manager wasn't able to make it today (family emergency) I took care of closing the store at the end of the day.

Things were busy off and on throughout the day. I won't go into how much we made today, but it was a lot. I'm hoping when I go in on Friday that we will be able to get more clothes ready to go on the racks to be sold.

Doggie Bag Days Season 3: Days 86-87

I know I keep falling behind on these.

I was on register pretty much all morning on Friday. I don't remember everything I did in the morning when I wasn't dealing with a customer. I think I mainly straightened things up and maybe put a few things out. In the afternoon I tested some strands of lights. On one spool there were only one or two strands in which all the light bulbs worked. I had trouble separating the working strands from the non-working strands, but since the the lights in question were old anyway, I ended up throwing most of them away.

On Monday, I was on register pretty much all day. It was one of our slower days overall, but I'm sure that things will pick up later in the month. One of the things I did in the afternoon was transfer some of the more casual slacks in the mens' section over to the jeans section per the manager's request. After all, the jeans section needed fleshed out, and the slacks section needed thinned out. Also per her request, I transferred some mens' shirts over to our current quarter rack which had been accommodated some ladies' tops.

Those have been my last two days working there. I'm thinking I'm going to try to go in earlier today than I normally do so that I can get some things done before actual opening time that I am unable to do when the store is open, especially when there are customers present.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Doggie Bag Days Season 3: Days 84-85

I was on register pretty much all day both Monday and Wednesday. I think on Monday I discarded some clothes that did not make the cut, dusted a table and did some general straightening as time allowed.
On Wednesday, I had a customer or two right when I opened. There were customers coming and going almost nonstop that day. But in the moments that I was not busy with a customer, I tagged some clothes, whited out some used tags, and attempted to straighten things up throughout the store. A couple of hours into my shift my fiance (yes fiance; more on that in a later post) showed up and was around for the remiander of my shift. He did help with a couple of things such as taking a donation to the back room, getting some freed up hangers back there, and around closing time, getting some stuff that was in the entryway outside back in.

Those have been the last couple of days that I had been there. I wonder what today will bring.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Doggie Bag Days Season 3: Days 81-83

I had expected Monday to be one of our busiest days as it was Halloween and perhaps people would be doing whatever last minute shopping for that at that time. However, according to the manager, most people probably would've gotten their last minute shopping done on Saturday. Monday had turned out to be a slow day salewise. However, that didn't really bother the manager as it had been a pretty good month as it was.
It was on Wednesday that we started scrapping whatever was left of our Halloween display including any costume pieces that we still had and putting them away for next year. Other than that, whenever I wasn't busy on the register, I tagged some clothes and straightened things up throughout the store (or at least attempted to anyway).

I think it was Friday when the Christmas display for the window was done. One of the volunteers that normally came in on Tuesday and Thursday mornings was pretty much in all day to help with said display. I was pretty much on register until sometime in the afternoon when someone else was in to take over. Otherwise, I mainly straightened things up throughout the store as much as I could and thinned out the hat section, getting rid of any that weren't in very good shape and/or were too summery, and put out some clothes.

That was my week last week. I'm thinking today I will likely be putting out more clothing and taking care of some general straightening during the slower periods unless there turns out to be a bigger priority at hand.