Friday, April 29, 2011

Doggie Bag Days Season 3: Day 3

I happened to make it in just barely before the manager left, so I kind of guessed at what needed to be accomplished today. I helped one person put a red line through the prices on the clothes in the bargain room so that the cashier on duty would know what came from there as clothing from there is currently .25 apiece.

I steamed a few pieces of clothing that needed steamed and put out some that had been priced. The rest of the day I spent either putting clothes on hangers or getting some hangers onto the racks in the back. At some point someone donated a white dish set, which I washed up. A couple of the pieces had what I suspected to be wax of some sort on them, so I scraped it off the best I could.

That's been my day. I don't know what will happen Monday.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Doggie Bag Days Season 3: Day 2

There were some clothes to tag and put out, I don't think there were as many as there were Monday. I was also given the task of steaming a few clothes. We have a new steamer, which seems to be working out just fine. I also went through some shoes to see which ones were worth holding onto and which ones needed to be ditched. Most pairs fit the latter. Other than that, I mainly hung up some clothes. At one point, my phone fell out of my pocket. It turned out to be buried in one of the piles of clothes.

It turns out that we have a new cashier now. I met him this morning. He says he comes in twice a week. He had started working there shortly after I had to go on my hiatus to tend to a family matter.

That's all I got for now. I'm hoping Friday goes well.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Doggie Bag Days Season 3: Day 1

Today was my first day back at the Doggie Bag. I'm not sure how much business we got today as I was in and out of the back room for the most part and it had been raining today.

It turns out that winter stuff has been cleared out for the most part. Also, one of the colleagues I did have prior to going on hiatus in February is no longer on the staff. I basically hung up some clothes, tagged and put out others, and whited out some tags that had been used. We also had more shoes to put out but not without clearing some first.

That's all I have for now. Who knows what Wednesday will bring?

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Home Again, Home Again

I'm back in my hometown as of today. So now, I can resume all of the routines I had put aside when I had left and what-not, such as my work with the Doggie Bag, my bookcrossing, my job search, church, etc.

During this month, I had been working on a script for Script Frenzy, where the goal is to do a script of 100 pages or more. I'd provide the link, but last time I checked, the site is currently having technical difficulties. So far, I've done seventy pages. I got off to a late start on it, but I might be able to fulfill the challenge. Because of the nature of my script, I will probably ditch it when the month begins because it was simply something I had settled on as being out of town had distracted me from really giving any thought as to what I was going to do. Maybe next year, I'll write something that actually has potential.

That's what's going on with me right now. If I'm not back here tomorrow, I'll be back Monday (God willing) to give you all an account of my first day of my third season with the Doggie Bag.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Going Home This Weekend...I Think

From what my sister has told me, I will no longer be needed at her house at the end of this week. Evidently, the situation that had called me here in the first place has been resolved. I will be going home tomorrow.

I hadn't originally planned on doing this, but when I resume my work at the Doggie Bag and account for it here, I'm going to have it be season three. This is because my hiatus from it was longer than I had expected it to be. I wonder what sorts of changes have been made while I've been away.  If anyone there asks where I've been, I'll just say something like, "I had a family situation call me out of town, but it has finally been resolved, and the important thing is that I'm back." or I could say that I had some stuff I needed to go take care of for a while and that the important thing is that I'm back.

I apologize for not being consistent with my posts here. For one thing, I have had to be discreet about the details of the situation in my family. Also, I guess you could say that the lack of consistent posting is symbolic of the unforseen upset in my daily life. I should be able to return to regular blogging along with other everything else that had been put aside.

Anyway, that's my news for now. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some things I need to take care of.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Changed My Profile Picture Again

As you can see, I have changed my profile picture again. Unfortunately, it kept coming out smaller than I expected. Oh well, maybe I'll have better luck next time.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

I Turned 26 Today

As of today, I'm 26. Did I mention that we had my birthday dinner yesterday at my sister's house?

Last night, after getting off from her shift at a liquor store, my sister brought home some shots. One was apple-flavored tequila, another was orange-flavored vodka, and the other coconut-flavored rum. I drank the tequila straight last night, mixed the vodka in with coffee this morning, and mixed the rum in with some cream soda with my dinner tonight.

This afternoon, I went to the park wit my nephew and the dogs. We were there for a couple of hours.

I later got a phone call from my dad. He usually calls on my birthday.

The weekend is coming to a close, and it'll be another typical week at the house. I still don't know when I'll be going home for good, but I'll let you all know when/if I hear back on that.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Will Be At My Sister's For My Birthday This Year

The situation going on in my sister's household has yet to be fully resolved. At this point, I have no clue when it will be resolved so that I can go back home for good.

My birthday will be in three days. Since I will be at my sister's, she has volunteered to make my birthday dinner this year. It'll be a pork chop dinner (my idea). I don't know if anyone outside her household will be coming. My mom and stepdad would be coming in from out of town if they came at all, and no doubt my mom will have work the next morning. (Whether or not my stepdad will depends on his schedule, which changes from week to week.)

Last year, I went for drinks with my sister after dinner, but drinking is out of the question for her this year since she's pregnant. (The baby is due to come at the end of August, Lord willing.)  I had figured that, if I didn't do anything else this year, I'd go out for an ice cream. (Maybe I'll get to do that after dinner at the time.)

I think my nephew has Scouts tonight. So, I'll be working on Cafe World stuff on Facebook. Right now, there's a cusine competition going on there. It's Italian vs. French, and I'm on the French side. One has to cook certain dishes in order to get a certain number of points per stage. The competition is in stage two, and stage three begins tomorrow. On Sunday, the competition will end and the final results revealed.

That's all I got for now.